A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Country*

“If America were a house, the Left would root for the termites.” ~Greg Gutfeld

The Left are the termites. They work in the dark, with no one the wiser, until the damage shows. The problem should have been addressed long ago. It wasn’t. So now we have the rotting timbers, the memory of what was, the dream of what might have been, and the mess to clean up. What are we going to do about it?

The first thing we have to do is tell the sleeping, brainwashed public the truth about the Socialist forces arrayed against this country. Both Germany and Russia referred to themselves as Socialist: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Both entities have gone underground and claim no longer to be in power. Communism itself has feigned its own demise (playing possum). Some sources say there are only a handful of Communist countries left in the world: North Korea, Red China, and the tiny little countries of Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam (all but one in the Far East). That is a lie. World Communism is alive and well, waging war against the basic principles and fabric of what was the Judeo-Christian American way of life. It’s just hiding, like ebola, or waiting, like a crouching tiger, and it will spring when it is ready. If Russia is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” (Winston Churchill), it’s due, in part, to the deceit of Communism.

Someone once referred to Russia as “that godless nation.” Some thought the phrase was scriptural. Not KJV though some translations have adopted it. But Communist Russia is godless, because the basis of Communism is godlessness or atheism. Therefore, the primary thing Marxists had to do to take over this country was to do away with God; and according to the Communist Manifesto, full-blown Marxism can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. So the enemy attacked America’s primary institutions: family, home, church, and school.

Marxists-Socialists had God removed from public school. In two landmark decisions—Engel v Vitale (1962), Abington School District v Schempp (1963)—the US Supreme Court outlawed school prayer and Bible reading. The only way the aggressors could have gotten away with this was an atheistic, Communist-infiltrated US Supreme Court. And a law-abiding, naïve public that acquiesced. So let the late, good, “God-fearing” parents and ruling powers of that generation take the hit, along with the court, because they did nothing to stop it. Right then, the summer of 1963, was the time for civil disobedience. Eleanor Roosevelt observed, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Neither can anyone make you subservient without your consent. When parents sent their children to school that autumn of 1963, they consented or acquiesced to the subjugation.

To take over America—ultimately they want the whole world—they are the one-world government waiting in the wings and the power-players at the UN—Marxists-Socialists had to get control of the schools, the teachers associations, the students, the curriculum, even the mores so they could instill Socialist and Communist propaganda—political correctness (cultural Marxism). Schools became reeducation camps or propaganda machines. To get rid of God and biblical creation the hijackers brainwashed generations with the phony theory of evolution, which they promoted in science and documentaries. They revised history and biology books. They made a religion of psychology. They now own the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and are pushing hard for universal adoption of the Marxist curriculum Common Core.

The primary thing on the Marxist-Socialist agenda was demoralization. Their method was to eliminate obscenity laws by calling them censorship and a violation of First Amendment rights. The US Supreme Court, in Miller v California (1973), again did its part, by supporting the Marxists-Socialists [notice the year]. Given the green light, Marxists-Socialists went about breaking down cultural norms: promoting pornography, indecency, and presenting homosexuality and sexual perversion as natural. How do you think the US Supreme Court will rule in Obergefell v Hodges this summer? How did they rule in Roe v Wade (1973) and Miller v California (1973)? Face it: the US Supreme Court has been hijacked. Do we have to honor its decisions? It can make rulings; it can’t enforce them. Andrew Jackson thumbed his nose at the Supreme Court. “That’s their opinion.”

The entertainment industry played its part: film and television promoted premarital and extramarital affairs. Easy credit and advertising suggested a person shouldn’t have to wait: he could have it now. Society, in general, quit stigmatizing divorce, which led to serial marriages, weekend dads, shuttle parenting, and forgotten kids. Worst was introducing sex to younger and younger children—contributing to the delinquency of a minor, stealing a child’s innocence—providing contraceptives through Planned Parenthood, encouraging promiscuity, promoting illegitimacy. Doing its part, the US Supreme Court, in Roe v Wade (1973), legalized abortion. [It may be interesting to research how many executive, legislative, and judicial laws or decisions adhere to the Communist agenda.]

Another step was the destruction of home and family. Creating an economy based on a two-income family was integral. Mothers had to quit being homemakers; they had to get out of the house, go into the workforce, and let the daycare rear their children. [In the 60 Minutes (CBS-TV) interview (1992) Alinsky-trained Hillary Clinton mouthed this Communist ideology while ridiculing stay-at-home moms.] Welfare helped by creating absentee dads: if dad was gone, the government would support the family. Though parents had been using it with good success for thousands of years, corporal punishment by parents was banned; the school principal could still use it, but they couldn’t. The goal was to suppress or negate parental influence and to turn the children over to the government for rearing, as Marxist-Communist Hillary Clinton taught in It Takes a Village. Nowadays, shrinking in fear, parents aren’t disciplining their children too much at all, corporal or otherwise. Little Johnny or Janie is pretty much doing whatever s/he wants.

A former KGB agent said it takes about a generation to demoralize a nation. Even the Communists were surprised how easily this was done, thanks to the lack of morals of the American people.

Other goals were to capture one or both political parties (they own the Democratic Party: when you vote Democrat, you vote Communist). To infiltrate the media (newspaper, radio, TV, books, editorials, film) and get control of policymaking and executive positions. To discredit American culture by degrading sane artistic expression: to eliminate the good and substitute the meaningless, to control art critics and art museums. To infiltrate the churches, to discredit the Bible, to replace biblical faith with the social gospel (Liberalism), to preach that reason does not need a religious crutch. To discredit the American Constitution as an antiquated document, out of touch with modernity. Even VP Joe Biden called it just a guideline or suggestion. To infiltrate and control unions and businesses. To mandate universal healthcare: keystone to the establishment of a Socialist state. Hillary Clinton tried it early in the Clinton administration; BHO accomplished it with ACA (though a Conservative Congress could yet overthrow it). To dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health as a means of coercive control. To get UN recognition for Red China and the internationalization of the Panama Canal (Marxist Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal), through which North Korea is now smuggling guns from Cuba. To give Russia access to the US Patent Office and anything else Russia wanted. Subversive Hillary Clinton has now given Russia control of half of America’s uranium.

Not to mention all the other nasty things Communists have done. Like inciting to riot. Like using Child Protective Services (CPS) to snatch children from intact two-parent families and permanently farm them out to non-relatives, often single parents and homosexuals, through forced adoption (forced, because the children are forcibly removed, and the parents are forced to give up their parental rights). Like the senseless death of Terri Schiavo, who was sentenced by a court to thirst to death! How, in this “land of the free” and “home of the brave” does an innocent, law-abiding, not-hurting-anyone person get sentenced to die by thirst? in a civil court! punishment without crime! and not a soul lends a hand to stop it! Justice Anthony Kennedy refused to accept the case before the Supreme Court. Governor Jeb Bush, at the last, washed his hands like Pilate. “It’s out of my hands. Nothing I can do.” Is this why the country is now experiencing drought?

Marxists, Communists (under euphemisms like Liberals, Leftists) are behind just about everything that insults Judeo-Christian ethics. The Marxist ethic is the end justifies the means. “Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and do everything possible to gain their ends” (Vladimir Lenin). Until you realize Communists operate by stealth and are out to destroy and subjugate this nation, you will have a warped, naïve, unenlightened worldview. And you will be unprepared for the coming destabilization and bloody coup that precedes open dictatorship (rule based on force and unrestricted by law). According to the Communists themselves, replacement of the bourgeois by the proletariat is impossible without a violent revolution.

On the Day of Judgement, when Almighty God the books will open (Revelation 20:12, 13), it won’t be just the Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Leftists who feel the pain. We ourselves will have to give an account for why we allowed the Marxist-Socialist takeover of our children, schools, culture, and political institutions. Where were we when all this was going on? And why did we consent to it?

The Bible says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). The devil comes in many guises. When you resist godless Communism, you resist nefarious forces.

“The clock of Communism has stopped striking. But its concrete building has not yet come crashing down. For that reason, instead of freeing ourselves, we must try to save ourselves from being crushed by its rubble.” ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Copyright © 2015 Alexandra Lee

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