“Communism is a Satanic movement devoted to human degradation and enslavement, not … social justice. Of course, no one would support it if they knew the truth.”
~Henry Makow

Until you realize Communists operate by stealth and are out to destroy America—until you know and can recognize their tactics—you will not be able to interpret the news. My generation knew the threat of Communism: today’s generation thinks Communism is dead. It isn’t.

J Edgar Hoover, in Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in American and How to Fight It (New York: Holt, 1958), told how Communists operated by stealth, with front organizations led by a sympathizer, a man of prominence. What is the purpose of a front organization (under euphemisms like community, equality, human rights, international, peace, tolerance)? A cover. A shield. Something to hide behind. Deception.

Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Pack of Lies (TV-1987) tells the true story of Morris and Lona Cohen (aka Helen and Peter Kroger), Soviet spies. A detective uses the home of a neighboring American family for surveillance. The family, having been had, cannot believe that their friends living across the street are secret agents or that they would lie to them. The detective cannot believe the family’s gullibility. “These people have made a career of deceiving people.” Deception is what they do. Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Germany had its Marx and Engels. Russia had its Lenin and Trotsky. America had its Cloward and Piven, and its Saul Alinsky (1909-72). Alinsky studied criminology at the University of Chicago, was friends with Al Capone and his mobsters, and was widely influential. He wrote two prominent books, Reveille for Radicals (1946) and Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals (1971), about the principles and tactics of agitating for revolution—the Communist goal.

To the left-wing radical Alinsky, organization was euphemism for revolution. The goal was to foment public discontent, moral confusion, and outright chaos to produce social upheaval. Alinsky taught that true revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits, and infiltrate the system. This was the same tactic of infiltration advocated by Lenin and Stalin. A Trojan horse. To change the structure of institutions, even churches.

For decades we’ve known that Communists infiltrate churches, sit on church councils, and minister in pulpits. South Korea President Syngman Rhee warned SBC pastor Robert G Lee, “Tell your people back home to watch out for Communism in the schools—yes, and even in the churches. Communism and Christianity cannot co-exist. We do not exist with cholera.” Is your favorite “man of God” a Communist? He might be. Especially if he’s a Liberal.

Alinsky taught followers: Learn the language of those you’re infiltrating. Accept their aversion to rudeness, vulgarity, conflict. Start them easy; don’t scare them off. Be willing, for the sake of the cause, to watch society descend into utter chaos and anarchy. Stage loud, defiant, massive protest rallies expressing deep rage and discontent over a particular injustice. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Laugh at the enemy. Provoke irrational anger. Ridicule [bullying] is man’s most potent weapon; it infuriates the opposition. Focus on multiple crusades, new issues and crises. Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions. Make the enemy live up to his own rule book. A tactic he called “mass jujitsu”—using the enemy’s strength against himself. The goal is to purge the land of the vast destructive forces that pervade the entire social scene, material or spiritual (Judeo-Christian). His motto: “The most effective means are whatever will achieve the desired results” (aka, the end justifies the means). Not too far from Lenin’s motto: “Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and do everything possible to gain their ends.”

Alinsky’s most influential period in American life was the 1960s. When LBJ launched the War on Poverty (1964)—which included Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, Head Start, Job Corps, VISTA and Title I—Alinsky allies infiltrated the program, steering Federal money into Alinsky projects. RFK (1966) allied himself with Cesar Chavez, an Alinsky disciple. RFK drifted into Alinsky’s circle, supporting Alinsky’s causes.

Hillary Clinton wrote her short [92-page] senior thesis (Wellesley, 1969) on Alinsky’s theories. An admirer of his ruthless, stealth tactics, Hillary said Alinsky embraced the most radical of political faiths—democracy. Throughout her career Hillary has maintained her allegiance to Alinsky’s teachings and lent her name to projects endorsed by Alinsky and Communist affiliates. It was Hillary who, early in the Clinton tenure (1993), introduced national healthcare, a Communist goal.

Alinsky died (1972), but his legacy lives on in Leftist methodology as a blueprint for revolution. Infiltrate. Cause trouble. Milk the system—make it crash.

BHO became a master practitioner of Alinsky’s methods, overseeing the distribution of Federal dollars to community projects. BHO taught workshops on the Alinsky method and worked with ACORN, a political organization that grew out of the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO).

Cloward-Piven strategy (1966), taking its cue from Alinsky, was a plan to overload government bureaucracy and cause economic collapse. Someone figured out that if everyone who qualified for welfare demanded welfare, it would bankrupt the system. So they incited the poor to bully social workers and demand every penny to which the law entitled them (1967).

Their tactics worked. The number of households on welfare soared from 4 million to 10 million, in sound economic times (1965-74). The NWRO, a Communist front organization, pushed for a guaranteed living income—$5,500/year (1968); $6,500 (1969) for a family of four—as prescribed by Cloward and Piven. “Before people can mobilize for collective action [Marxist idea], they have to develop a proud, angry identity and set of claims” (Piven).

By early 1970s, in New York City, there was one person on welfare for every two persons working. The multiplied billions of dollars that activists squeezed came close to sinking the economy. And the violence of the NWRO was shocking. Black militants laid siege to City Hall bearing signs: No Money, No Peace.

As a direct result of its massive welfare spending, New York City was forced to declare bankruptcy (1975), almost taking the State of New York with it. Radical sympathizers inside the Federal government helped by supplying grants, training, and logistical assistance, through programs like VISTA.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (20 July 1998), citing their 1966 manifesto, accused Cloward and Piven of engaging in deliberate economic sabotage. “The philosophy of dependency that was destroying many, many people in the City of New York, making it impossible for them to have decent and fulfilling lives … wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t an atmospheric thing, it wasn’t supernatural. It was the result of policies, choices, and a philosophy that was embraced in the 1960s and then enthusiastically endorsed in the City of New York. And it destroyed thousands and thousands of lives and sometimes into a second and third generation because it ignored one of the single-most important facts of Western philosophy and civilization and that is the value of the individual human being.”

The “philosophy of dependency” was the result of policies and programs designed to maximize the number persons on welfare and break the bank. When the public caught on to their welfare scheme, Cloward and Piven moved on, applying pressure to other sectors of the bureaucracy, such as voting. They despised America’s electoral system as much as they despised America’s welfare system. So they challenged the DNC (1982). If Democrats represented the poor, let them prove it.

Cloward and Piven tried to do to the voting system what they had done to the welfare system: flood the system with millions of new voters, drawn from the underclass. They hoped to provoke a voter-suppression campaign that would ignite a political bonfire over voting rights.

The radical vision driving the Voting Rights Movement was to make the DNC dedicated to class struggle (Marxism). ACORN spearheaded the Voting Rights Movement that lobbied for the Motor Voter Act (1993). Cloward and Piven were present when Bill Clinton signed it into law.

Under the new law, states were required to provide voter registration to anyone renewing DL or applying for welfare or unemployment benefits. Examiners were ordered not to ask for ID or proof of citizenship. States had to permit mail-in voter registrations, which allowed anyone to register without personal contact or face-to-face. States were limited in pruning deadwood—people who had died, moved, or been convicted of crimes—from their rolls.

As late as 2010 Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer were even calling for “universal voter registration“: anyone on any Federal roll (Social Security, property owners, drivers license, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, even prison) was automatically registered to vote. Without corresponding ID and voter registration card, fraudulent voters could assume any ID and vote under any name.

Thanks to the financial support of George Soros‘s Open Society Institute and his Shadow Party, the Cloward-Piven strategy is still alive. The Left is still trying to overload, and collapse, American institutions, a collapse that BHO calls a “fundamental transformation.” The Leftist (Marxist) theory is that society can be improved only by destroying the “deeply-flawed existing order” (Judeo-Christian) and replacing it with an alternative (Communism).

In the words of Leonard Ravenhill: “No longer is Communism merely creeping over the earth, but rather it is leaping over it …. Communism is no longer just a tavern subject bantered about by moral and intellectual derelicts; to millions, it has become a respectable fellow traveler on the road of life …. No longer is the Marxist gang a down-at-the-heel, ragged minority; it is a well-dressed society … and the Marxist philosophy maneuvers some of the greatest scientific brains in the world …. No more are the Bolsheviks an over-the-wall group of upstarts, sneered at by old-time demagogues and Democrats; now they sit at the conference tables of world councils, not asking questions, but stating policies, not just bartering but belligerent …. This black cancer of Communism has spread until it covers almost three-fourths of the earth’s surface. It taints nearly two out of every three persons. If the Lord tarries, and there is no revival of pure Christianity, then the next span of years will be the worst that history has ever recorded …. Communism is versatile and devastating. Its leaders have declared that they can take America without firing a shot …. In Christian circles, zeal is [almost] taboo. But with the Communists, zeal is not only expected; it is encouraged.”

“[Ultimately people] will believe a lie … and be damned” (2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12).

Copyright © 2015 Alexandra Lee

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