Bully in Chief

“I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Obama has never been in a great physical battle, never fought on the frontlines, never felt his heart racing in fear that this might be his last breath, and never spilled so much as a drop of blood for his country, because Obama has never served in the military. He doesn’t know anything about boot camp, chain of command, or taking orders. How can he give orders when he doesn’t know how to take orders?

Yet this “upstart” has the arrogant high-handedness (unmitigated gall) to close down national parks and war memorials, barring nonagenarians, for instance, who had waited a half-century to see their memorial—the World War II Memorial—in place.

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, there is something profoundly un-American about using the brute force of government to bully someone.” ~Rand Paul

I’ve heard—I don’t know personally—that 85 percent of the Federal government is still functioning and that only 15 percent is shut down; and of that 15 percent most employees are merely enjoying time off, because someone will see to it that they are reimbursed for their “suffering,” meaning that shutting down the government has not shut off the spigot. As a matter of fact, it has, or will, cost more to close the national parks and war memorials than to leave them open.

This chicanery leads me to two conclusions:

First, no nonveteran should be allowed to sit in the Oval Office and call himself Commander in Chief. No one who has never experienced battle should be allowed to tell others who have what to do. No one who has never spilled a drop of blood for his country should be allowed to thumb his nose at veterans who have made that sacrifice and continue to sacrifice, still suffering in peacetime the ravages and scars of war.

Congress needs to amend the US Constitution to say that no one can run for the highest office of the land unless he has served his country in the military.

Second, Obama can no longer be President. Oh, he may sit at the desk and claim that title—like someone whose lottery ticket has the right numerical sequence. He may vainly pose for his portrait while the aging vets storm the “barrycades.” He may still write his Executive Orders, that may or may not be carried out, depending on the caprice of the employee. But since he’s forgotten who pays his salary and to whom he is answerable, he has lost the ability to govern. Now all he is, is an upstart. He can be usurper, dictator, or tyrant, but not President because no one cares anymore what comes out of his mouth. And no one fears or respects him. He’s just a bully.

“If you have to lie, cheat, steal, obstruct and bully to get your point across, it must not be a point capable of surviving on its own merits.” ~Steven Weber

Copyright © 2013 Alexandra Lee

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