One World: One Government

“The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.” ~Woodrow Wilson

Someone has rightly observed that we are living in the last of the Last Days. A pastor, preaching on the Endtimes, said the world cannot go on much longer as it is. Something has to happen. It is time for God to take the Church out of here. Much of what we Christians see, and know, and sense is universal change, driven, in part, by the United Nations (UN). Somewhere alive, in this world today, is a hidden bully, unseen, but not unfelt, with a wanton, evil agenda, pushing a one-world government. And, sadly, because there is hardly anyone pushing back, his chances for success are very good.


“One would think by listening to all the propaganda about the UN that they are some sort of benevolent, peaceful organization. Never in the history of the UN has it stood for anything but killing and violence. They have never kept peace anywhere on this globe. Their sole function is to replace the US military—dissolve all four branches of our armed forces. Their allegiance is only to the UN Charter, which does not recognize the US Constitution. This body is made up almost exclusively of Communists and leaders of the bloodiest regimes on this globe … Bilderberger participants (another group committed to one-world domination) in 1992 called for ‘conditioning the public to accept the idea of a UN army that could, by force, impose its will on the internal affairs of any nation.'” ~Paul Harvey

This godless, Socialist organization is behind much of our troubles. It is talking peace and unity and playing to the lowest common denominator. The UN doesn’t make peace and, as the results in Rwanda show—Hotel Rwanda (2004), Beyond the Gates (2005)—it cannot keep the peace. the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) God dispersed men and gave them diverse languages. God doesn’t want oneness (peace and unity) in the world—probably a mind-blowing idea if you didn’t know it already. Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword” (Matthew 10:34). For the UN to usurp God in this matter is to rebel against Heaven. There will not be world peace until God brings peace: in the Millennium.

Meanwhile, the UN has taken control where citizens never wanted the UN to have control. The UN is making us answerable to them. When did we surrender our national sovereignty? Get us out of the UN.

“The time has come to recognize the UN for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the UN to find headquarters location outside the US that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking.” ~Barry Goldwater


“The family was established long before the Church, and my duty is to my family first. I am not to neglect my family.” ~DL Moody family is a divine institution. Its authority supersedes the State’s authority. The UN and the Left have made war on the family. The State has eliminated the patriarchal headship of the family. It has taken away the family’s right to educate and discipline its young, or even possess them. Tulane Professor Melissa Harris-Perry’s “We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or that kids belong to their families“—Socialist propaganda resembling Hillary Clinton’s It Takes a Village—shows that this madness has made dangerous inroads in the United States. Clinton and Harris-Perry are not interested in children, only in getting young people to believe the lie. Our children, the fruit of our own bodies, do not belong to the State. They belong to us.

In the Children and Young People Bill, Scotland is proposing to appoint a specifically-named guardian ad litem for every child, from birth. The responsibility for appointing this guardian will fall on the heads of the health boards for children ages 0-5, then be transferred to councils. Part of the bill provides for an adoption registry, which suggests an ulterior motive: the State prowling for children for “couples” who biologically are unable to reproduce. “Child abuse” could cover anything from PB&J sandwiches in a lunch box to yelling at your kids. Since schools are now encouraging children to spy on their parents’ recycling habits, could failing to put a paper in the correct trash bin prompt a child to report his parents to his guardian?

In the UK judges are asking the government to remove children from “criminal” families at birth. As part of its Family Intervention Project the British government has already forced certain families to install surveillance cameras in their homes and has subjected them to inspection to ensure the children get to bed on time, attend school, and eat proper meals. That this government intrusion into family privacy is being proposed not in North Korea, Red China, or Russia, but in the UK should alarm us all.

“Blood relations are the most durable and everlasting connections.” ~Anonymous


“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.” ~GK Chesterton

The most shocking thing I have heard lately is moral and religious statistics. What had been a trickle is now a tidal wave. Thanks to the web, there is instant access to pornography: there are over 4.2 million internet porn sites (12 percent of all websites), many visited by minors. Witnessing all kinds of sexual perversion. Over 90 percent of teen males and over 60 percent of teen females have been exposed to internet porn: 80 percent at home. The biggest audience for porn is teens (ages 12-17). Over 85 percent of adult males (are the other 15 percent lying?), 30 percent of adult females, and 53 percent of Promise Keepers, I am told, struggle with pornography—that is huge. There is no need to struggle: stop it! If Americans are that immoral, this country isn’t worth saving!

Within the last month, I am told, one-half of teens consumed alcohol and one-fourth had illicit drugs; within the last year, over 70 percent of teens had alcohol and more than one-third had drugs. Almost all teens have sampled alcohol or drugs at some point in their lives. A contributing cause to over 75 percent of “broken” homes (divorce) is substance abuse.

Only about 16 percent of the millennial generation (persons born 1980-2000) are coming to Christ; only 13 percent consider religion important. Well, they are young; that could change; but ministers know that if the Church doesn’t win converts when they’re children, it is much less apt to win them when they’re adult. Dear God, what is happening to our young people!

Then, as someone put it from the pulpit, “They’re trying to shove homosexuality down our throat, and we’re not going to accept it.” All decent people, even decent unbelievers, even Communists, know homosexuality is perversion. But the Leftists want more than mere acceptance of homosexuality (deviance)—activity no longer regulated by criminal code, anyway. They want “homosexual marriage”: an oxymoron. It is against nature.

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” ~Theodore Roosevelt


“Abortion is an atrocity. Those who practice or praise it are either d__ idiots, misguided fools, or treacherous devils.” ~Christopher Titus

Since Roe v Wade (1973) more than fifty million babies have been murdered in their mother’s womb. Abortionists, Planned Parenthood, aided and abetted by the courts, “have ambushed the innocent” (Proverbs 1:11). Someone has observed that not one gun was used in these legalized murders; and when the guns are taken away, citizens will be about as defenseless as the unborn.

Murdering babies, the most innocent and defenseless among us, is now commonplace. With Obamacare, legalized murder will be expanded to include euthanasia: getting rid of the undesirables among us—the aged, infirmed, disabled, incapacitated, inadequate, dependent, deadbeats, and potheads. Anyone deemed a useless eater.

“It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


“The Devil has no great interest in destroying the church; he would rather run it.” ~Anonymous

The great horror of this segment of the Church Age is the Church Growth Movement (brainchild of Donald MacGavran of Fuller Theological Seminary and promulgated by his disciple C Peter Wagner) and the phenomenon of the seeker-sensitive megachurch. The idea was to create a minimalist church that wouldn’t offend anybody—except the faithful—and bring in a crowd. “We don’t want to take away your church—just make it fun.” Then it’s not church anymore: it’s something else. Somewhere in there is a Satanic plot to destroy the Church.

To keep the megachurch alive and growing and create a one-world church, now even Southern Baptist Ed Stetzer, along with Rick Warren and others, wants to mainstream Muslims among Evangelicals.

Another contributing factor to the demise of the Faith is the IRS underwriting the pastorate with tax-free housing allowance. Some pastors are living in mansions paid for with tax-free income. Who wouldn’t go after perks like that? Hence, the entrance of hirelings into the pulpit.

“Any group can be infiltrated and hijacked.” ~Brian D Hill


“Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that Liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.” ~Adolf Hitler

The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are two national schoolteachers’ unions. As far as I know, every public schoolteacher must join a teacher’s union. These are Leftist, secular humanist organizations that bully every aspect of public education from no prayer and no pledge to revisionist history and political correctness. According to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008), the teachers’ unions are the biggest contributors to political parties, with 90 percent of their massive contribution going to the Democratic (Socialist) Party; the biggest critics of the documentary are the very Liberals I wouldn’t want teaching my children. Unfortunately, many schoolchildren have to attend public school—they have no other viable economic choice—and they come out warped by the system.

“Education is the process of driving a set of prejudices down your throats.” ~Martin H Fischer


“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell.” ~Adolf Hitler

It is pretty much a given that the mainstream media (MSM) is controlled by gatekeepers pandering to the government: we do not have freedom of the press. At least not of TV news. We do get news from other sources, but not from the MSM.


“No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent.” ~Abraham Lincoln

The Patriot Act was the first act of its kind in history to curb so much American freedom. And since it came on the heels of the 9/11 disaster, one can only imagine that the 9/11 disaster was designed to make it happen. Cerebral people do not buy the official story of 9/11—they know better. But many Americans do, because they are not thinking people. These willingly surrender their freedom for government security.

“Democracy is a government where you can say what you think even if you don’t think.”  ~Anonymous


“Government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.” ~Jonathan Swift

The first thing I noticed about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was that they took over the US Coast Guard. you drive to the seashore these days, don’t expect a friendly welcome. The Coast Guard is gated. The signs don’t say “Coast Guard”; they say “Homeland Security.” The boats are armed with machine guns. It is a hostile environment. To its own citizens.

I’ve heard that DHS is building gulags for American citizens and purchasing large amounts of ammunition, including hollow point bullets—which are illegal, by the way. So much so that even the US Congress is asking questions. Next to the KGB and the CIA, DHS is one of the most terrifying agencies every instituted.

History records how totalitarian leaders gain control of unsuspecting populations, even slaughtering millions of innocent persons. Will this be the same in the US? in the world?

“It reminds one of other countries where internal police are paramilitary organizations. It is part of the new normal. We are now getting accustomed to seeing automatic weapons and military-style forces on our streets.” ~Jonathan Turley


“The gentle government that promises to hold your hand as you cross the street refuses to let go on the other side.”  ~Theodore Forstmann

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative alone should tell citizens they’re inching toward virtual lockdown, if not already living in a totalitarian state. thing means “papers please.” The government wants to know who you are, where you are going, what you are up to, etc. Though who I am, where I came from, and where I’m going have always been the purview of visas and passports, I don’t see that my plans or purposes are any of their business. Further, when someone at the airport takes away my shampoo, my makeup, my nail clippers, my pocket knife, and my water bottle, I can see things are abnormal. The airport is a hostile environment.

To park my car and set foot on the property—even if I don’t plan to stay—I have to pop my trunk, or my hood, or let “security” examine my car’s interior without my being there to observe. They want to riffle my bags, steal my stuff, cruise my cellphone or laptop, X-ray my camera, ruin my photos, or, worse, examine human flesh or human expression. “Um. This one has a scowl on his face. Looks suspicious. Better take him to the interrogation room.” How far does this have to go before someone yells, “I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

The “initiative” also calls for RFID-embedded passport, enhanced drivers license, Real ID, and Federally-issued ID to enter a government building.

“The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.”  ~William E Borah


“A nation that expects the government to prevent churches from burning, to control the price of bread or gasoline, to secure every job, and to find some villain for every dramatic accident, risks an even larger loss of life and liberty.”  ~William A Niskanen

What is E-Verify all about? I suspect it has something to do with doing business with strangers. We don’t know the persons who apply for jobs, so we have to have a background check. Only we don’t check out applicants ourselves: the government does. Why? to make sure the Social Security number is correct? that someone else isn’t already using that number? to check the person’s criminal record? his citizenship? to make sure he is paying his taxes? What if there was a computer glitch and the system lost the person? Or his records were cross-filed with someone else’s? Or someone stole his ID? The E-Verify posters alone give a reader goose bumps. Too much government.


“Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.”  ~John Perry Barlow

If you want to know about electronic surveillance, watch The Bourne Legacy (2012). Not that it’s going to tell you more than you already know—I assume you know—but it will paint a picture of what the world is like these days. Public surveillance cameras are ubiquitous. If none is available, the government uses satellite images. Using biometrics or the new biostamp electronic tattoo that will be launched later this year, they can track down runaways everywhere, if they don’t already have a signal coming from an RFID. Other methods used for tracking are credit cards, GPS, cellphones, and YouCams on laptops and I-phones. If I swiped my card at a gas station, someone knows where I am, in real time. If I’m online or watching TV, it’s possible someone is observing me. I’m told that all e-mails and text messages are stored, and perhaps even phone conversations. The history of a car’s activity is captured by the RFID in its tires; the wave of a wand will reveal everywhere it’s been. Library usage, including online activity and checkouts, is tracked and monitored. When we are dealing with a system this obsessive, who knows what details of our lives have been “caught on tape”?


“Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy.”  ~Proverb

These little planes can do a lot of dirty work, go into places a big plane cannot, track down people, target them, and unload lethal weapons. drones are killing people, and the US Congress is asking questions. I suspect these cute little drones will be useful when the Antichrist (world dictator) comes to power and human beings hostile to his authority try to escape. These drones will be able to seek them, find them, and waste them. There will be no hiding place.


“When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.”  ~George Pataki

I am baffled when I find people who are comfortable with all the security restrictions and still believe the official story on 9/11. “Well, you know things are different since 9/11.” They naively believe whatever the government tells them and accept whatever it does. Smiling. That is one kind of government dependency: blind trust. As if the government is looking out for our good.

There is another kind of dependency: government dole. Too many persons work for the government, at too high a salary, and some are even in a position to write their own checks, to multiple IDs. Besides employees and government contractors, there are too many able-bodied people on “disability” receiving SSI and too many on social services and food stamps (though they take in pennies what contractors take in dollars). If there is a way for persons to tap into the system, they greedily go after it. “Oh, the government has money.”

“Everybody wants to eat at the government’s table, but nobody wants to do the dishes.”  ~Werner Finck


“A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.” ~Barry Goldwater

Socialism means the government owns everything and parcels it out wherever they see fit; that is where we are headed. The government wants to own our bodies, our children, our money, and our personal property. One of the latest usurpations is the water rights to our lands and our farms. Already land has to be perk-tested before we can drill a well or install a septic tank. A deep well with submersible pump and all the tubing can cost thousands of dollars. Now the government wants to lay claim to the rainwater that falls on the land and feeds that expensive well its water: they will then dole out our God-given water wherever it is needed. That is unbridled Socialism. I am beginning to feel like Chief Seattle, who asked (1854), “How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?”

“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” ~Anonymous


“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” ~Adolf Hitler

One item on the UN agenda is disarming the people. That day is fast upon us. And the government will use any excuse to help it along. Even killing innocent people and blaming it on a lone gunman. All the while they neglect to mention the ammo that DHS is stockpiling or the more than fifty million abortions, in forty years, at the hand of paid assassins—if they can kill the tiniest and most innocent among us, who can they not kill?

I don’t own a gun. Never did. Years ago my dad and my husband each owned a couple of firearms. Our respective homes were burglarized, and the guns were stolen. After we learned that outlaws break into residences to steal guns, we never replaced them—figured the house was safer unarmed. Crooks or gun connoisseurs don’t even come around if there is no gun in the house. (One of my husband’s guns was a family heirloom.)

So gun control is theoretical with me, but I recognize its importance because if citizens are unarmed, they cannot defend themselves. Against rapists, intruders, machete-wielding Muslims, or a hostile government. By the way, if Muslims can walk the streets of London carrying machetes, knives, and meat cleavers, then citizens ought to have the right to bear arms.

The thought of even gun registration—they won’t stop there—”Gun registration is not enough” (Janet Reno)—is troubling because immediately government and eventually outlaws and gun connoisseurs would know the addresses of all the legitimately-owned guns and their specs. Then the only protection might be an unregistered or illegally-owned gun. One preacher said he owned a couple of unregistered guns. Would he register them? No.

“If you think a theater filled with unarmed people against a lone gunman is scary, imagine a disarmed populace against a tyrannical government.” ~Anonymous


Current events are leading to a one-world government that biblically-literate people know is coming. “The last stage but one of every civilization is characterized by the forced political unification of its constituent parts into a single greater whole” (Arnold J Toynbee). The world is being transformed for the reign of the Antichrist. The UN will probably be his seat of power. The end is in sight. The hope of the Church is “the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). There is no hope of escape for those who have rejected God’s free gift of salvation. Many family members and dear friends are in for a horrible future.

“When the people’s votes can be bought by simply giving them a free cellphone, you can be sure that those people have lost their senses.” ~Ron Graham

Copyright © 2013 Alexandra Lee


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